Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A different season

Ecclesiastes 3:1 states, "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven." How quickly life passes through its seasons! Some changes are hailed with great joy, while other seasons bring tears as they depart. What great peace and joy is there for those who trust the Master of the Universe to change the seasons as He sees fit - He does it for the great glory of His kingdom and the joy of His dear ones. He can be absolutely trusted!

Season changes have been the order of the day for T.E.A.M. lately! One we are very grateful for - a break in the intense dry season we endured for what seemed like forever! March - May are usually hot here, but oh my, we had quite the dry season this year! However, God has graciously sent rain to the land and we are very grateful.

The other change is almost as predictable as the dry season and rainy season: my annual summer trip to the States. I think by now I would have realized the fact that I experience the hottest season in Belize only to follow it up with the hottest time in Oklahoma! Well, I HAVE realized it, but you would think I would make a change in my schedule to hit some better seasons! Ah well, what can I say?

This season change brought both tears and happiness. I have been so blessed to have my very dear friends living in the house adjacent to me since January, and it was sad to break up our little "family." There were seven of us in all, Sandra and I in my house, William, Irma, their two precious boys, and Clifford in the other. What a blessing this time was! We gardened, mowed lawns, celebrated birthdays, traveled, had devotions, and generally kept each other company. I was blessed by their presence, and the way they helped me in so many ways. It was a precious time that I am sorry to have come to a close. However, I am always grateful for an opportunity to see my family here in the States. Thus the reason for the mix of emotions at the change of seasons.
I miss these bright eyes!
I left Belize on the 17th, after spending the 16th in Spanish Lookout doing some pricing for the pig project. We are making great progress on plans - streamlining efficient models for the pastors' pig raising facilities, looking at property, and finalizing equipment lists for the processing plant. Of course the most important preparation for the project is prayer. We know it is far bigger than we can handle, and we do not have funds to move forward, but we know that our Father is not limited by our inabilities or lack of funds, and if He wants to be glorified through this project, He can certainly provide the funds for it! We pray that we keep in step with His leading, so that His will might be done!
One of the properties we are looking at.
The same evening I left, Clifford, Magdalena, and at least six others (I forgot to get the exact count) headed out to Poite for Bible study again. We are thankful that the Lord had His hand on the truck and allowed them to arrive safely. I heard good reports of their time. This was the last study for a while until I get back. The truck is still not running well, and we felt it best to hold off until I can bring the part from the States. Also, it takes some pressure off the gas budget for the time being. While continuity in the studies would have been a good thing, we trust the Lord's leading and that He will continue the work He is doing. After all, it is His work and not our own!

I would appreciate your prayers for me while in the States. I am trying to make progress on a website, continue with research on the pig project, as well as prepare for some intensive discipleship we are planning for the beginning of September. I also hope to have some speaking opportunities as the Lord gives opportunity.

I would also appreciate your prayers for Magdalena and Clifford while I am away. Magdalena continues to work with her husband in their small vegetable shop, and Clifford is seeking a job to make some extra money in the interim. Pray for God's hand of blessing on both of them!

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