Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What to write??

“What to write?” I asked the Lord as I stared at my computer screen.
 I know there are those who want to hear what’s happening in these jungles oh so green.
 They’ve given to the work,
And at the blog they often look.
Yet, what to say?
 The question torments day by day.

They want to hear of Bible studies in Poite, how the truck is still carrying us there in spite of its improvised parts. They want to know how the new Saturday discipleship program is going, if people’s lives are being touched. They expect to hear great tales of exploits for the Lord. But what to tell them?

Who would be excited to know that the pickup has sat for the last four weeks at two different mechanic shops waiting to be fixed? Is it thrilling to know that the Bible studies have not been resumed because we don’t have transportation, that the Saturday discipleship hasn’t started because we don’t have a way to bring people here from the junction, or even to go and invite them in the first place? Lord, what do I say?

Who wants to know that the man who was supposed to know if land was available for the pig project was out of the country on the week I had been told to go and see him? What excitement does it bring to say that even now, he still says I must wait another month to hear?

Is anyone interested in the fact that I was able to purchase a lawnmower to keep my yard mowed? Do they care that the new lawnmower is such a relief after the old one that was held together with I don’t know how many wires? I am blessed to have a lawnmower that doesn’t always have the gas tank falling off or a wheel, but will others see that as a blessing?

Would it impress anyone to know that I am perfecting the art of knowing when the approaching clouds will just give a light sprinkle that won’t affect the laundry much, or when it will be a downpour and I better bring the clothes in?

Does it give pleasure to say that I nearly cried in frustration when I called the mechanic last week when the pickup was finally supposed to be ready, only to find out that they wouldn’t even start working on it until this week? Or that right in the middle of writing this update, I heard of more delays on the truck, and I did shed a few tears?

Should I tell them of all these little things and more?

Or should I tell them of all the “little” blessings You have brought in my life?
  • That the refrigerator is still working, even though I thought it was dead.
  • That I was able to coordinate transportation to get one of our dear pastors to the hospital late in the night, even though I didn’t have transportation myself.
  • That the family of the girl who lives with me offered to provide local foods from their farm anytime I want – a relief to the budget and a blessing to the palate!
  • That a man from another mission working here in Belize has taken my pickup under his arm, bringing in parts from the States, towing the truck, dealing with the mechanics… what a blessing he is to us!
  • That I was able to get a water purifier, so that I don’t have to buy water every week – which would be a challenge right now without a vehicle. God’s timing is perfect!
  • That I can walk across my yard, step over the fence, go around the parsonage, and arrive at a church – a blessing since I don’t have wheels to take me further.
  • That even though this close by church speaks K’ekchi and I only understand Maya, I can still worship with other believers.
  • That others who have vehicles think of me and take me to service in other villages on occasion.
  • That my almost three year old godson came and spent four days with me and gave me lots of snuggles.
  • That I have been able to visit my dear friends several times in Belmopan, attend church with them, and have some wonderful fellowship.
  • That some other dear friends of mine saved the very last of their young corn (before it got too mature) to fix a special meal for me when I returned from the States.

Should I continue with this list of blessings? Or should I tell of the things you have been working in my heart and the opportunities You have given me to share with others?
  • In spite of all the delays in what I think should be happening, I can trust Your plan. I can let You instruct me and change me and equip me.
  • For the time You gave me to speak in Pueblo Viejo when the pastor was away. How the story of Zaccheus spoke to my heart. Just because Jesus was present, Zaccheus’ life was transformed. Not because of a message, not because Jesus rebuked him, but simply the presence of Jesus Christ brought conviction to his heart and he took action. If the presence of God is not changing my life, perhaps I’ve left Your presence. Lord, may Your life transform mine!
  • That You give me times to be Christ to those around me – the person next to me on the bus whose wild children keep banging into me and running up and down screaming, to the mechanic who suggested I put some old fuel injectors in my pickup, to the people who gave me a ride the other day, saving my steps.
  • For the two opportunities I had to speak truth into the same person’s life; long, deep conversations that challenged that person to greater depths in his walk with God.

The list goes on… truly Lord You have blessed with opportunities. They may not be great and amazing to man’s eyes, but they are Your work nonetheless.

Thank You, Lord, for those who speak to my soul, like the man who is helping with the pickup. When he told of the news of more repairs, he told me, “Do not be discouraged.  God is on your side.  This too shall pass.” I needed to hear that. Thank You, Lord, for Your truth.

And to those who have made it this far in my post… I think you get a little picture of what has been happening here in Belize. No, it hasn’t been as I planned, but God continues to hold my hand and guide my steps. I am so thankful to be His child! He alone is faithful and true! He is the One that gives us breath, Who gives a reason to sing and rejoice, Who gives a smile for those around us, and offers to shine His abundant life through our fleshly bodies, if we only let Him. To Him alone be praise!

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