Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cooler weather, and still rolling...

Greetings once again!

Last Monday brought welcome relief... it was the first morning in probably two months that I woke up to a temperature of less than 80 degrees in the house! I was excited to finally see a break from all the heat we have been having. It was such a hot dry season!!! Most of the country only received 20-25% of its usual rainfall. Everything was dry, fires were burning, and crops were not growing. But God mercifully sent rain last Monday, and it has continued since then. We are all so blessed and thankful for the rain, in spite of the muddy roads and the difficulty getting clothes dry!

We appreciate your prayers for the truck. We ended up not going to Poite that Friday after all... it was still in the same shape as the previous week when we didn't make it all the way there. Since then we have found out it MAY be the air flow sensor. We haven't been able to get a new part yet, but modifying the existing part with a phone card and a sieve has helped a great deal!! All six cylinders actually kick in, which is a far cry better than three!

So... we made it to Poite this past Friday. It was wonderful. Pastor Martin was soooo thrilled to see us. They had been worried. We had no way to call them, but had passed on a message with someone on the school bus. However, as is typical in these areas that lack good means of communications, there were several versions floating around of how far we had made it when we attempted to go, that we had arrived in the village at midnight that night, etc. Poor Pastor Martin did not know what to believe! He was greatly relieved to see our little white pickup pull up to his house.

Bible study went well, although the crowd was understandably a little smaller due to the fact that they didn't know if we were coming or not. We talked about God calling Abram to leave his family and familiar surroundings and go to a land... that God would tell him. I am always blown away by the faith this required. Abram believed God, and because he believed, the very next verse said that he went out as God had said. Faith and obedience... and it was counted to him for righteousness.

As I brought the lesson to a close, I talked briefly about the different things that God might be calling us to do that seem impossible, unreasonable, scary, overwhelming, etc. For some of the people present, it might mean giving their lives to Christ for the first time, for others it might mean forgiving someone that has hurt them, for others, making a difficult stand for Christ. Whatever the situation, I encouraged all of us to be as Abram, to believe and obey, and suggested taking a moment to pray at the altar before we closed. The Lord was at work, and most everyone came up to pray. Please join us in praying for a continued work in all of our hearts!

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