Thursday, May 26, 2011

Prayers for the Wheels, Please!

Greetings once again! I rejoicing that because of God's great mercy and love I can still continue
to live for Him day by day! What riches of mercy He showers so freely upon all of us!

I wanted to post this morning to request your prayers for the pickup. It has been in and out of the mechanic a LOT lately. We changed the fuel pump in March, then we had to replace the ball joints. But the engine has been running very rough lately. In fact, last Wednesday, on the way back from church, we nearly didn't make it back. Thursday we changed the spark plugs, and on Friday the mechanic took off the muffler system, thinking it was clogged. He decided that was not the problem, and said it is only running on three of its six cylinders. But, he felt like it would be fine going to Poite that evening for Bible study.

So... off we went! Unfortunately we never made it. Thankfully, if you let it sit for a while after it has been shutting down, it will eventually start running again, so we made our way slowly back home.

It is back at the shop today and we are praying it become roadworthy by tomorrow evening so we can make it to the Bible study in Poite this week. We would greatly appreciate your prayers!!

In the meantime, I continue to be blessed with opportunities to invest in people's lives on a personal basis, whether it is my dear friends living beside me and their children, my coworkers, the young lady living with me, etc. This past week I had an unexpected conversation with some men who came to talk to me about some land they had for sale. Very non-Christian sort of people who I have seen around for a number of years, so I have an idea of their rough background. Because of the rumors that the world was going to end on May 21st, they began to ask me some questions. What a great opportunity to share a little of the truth of God's word with them! It was just another example of the doors God can open in His time and way!

Clifford has been investing time building a relationship with a young man here in Big Falls. The guy has been coming to church, but his parents are nominal catholics. He (Israel) has also been travelling with all of us to Poite fairly often. We are praying that the Lord will draw him to Himself and bring him to salvation.

Magdalena's husband is the teacher for the adult Sunday school class here in Big Falls. Please continue to pray for their family as well.

And, in closing, a few pictures :)

Breakfast buddy :)

Our newest studio technician for the Bible study recordings. ;)

Children at church in Pueblo Viejo this past Sunday. I rode along on the bus with the church from Big Falls to share in service at Pueblo.

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AstonWest said...

Not for certain, but your symptoms don't sound like a vehicle running on 3 cylinders vs. 6...especially the fact that it runs better after it's been shut off for a while. If it's not running on all cylinders, it would be running bad all the time. :-\