Wednesday, May 18, 2011

No males allowed!!! :)

Yesterday evening was girls' night at my house. Sunday morning as I sat in church here in Big Falls, I watched different girls get up and participate in the service. As I did so, I began to think about the fact that now that I live in a village I can actually have girls over at my house. When I was at the Center, it was too far away to have just girls over some evening, so I had never done so. But now... things are different. So I invited the teen girls from the church over to my house yesterday evening.

It has been hot here. Excruciatingly hot. Like so hot and dry that creeks that "never" get dry are dry. In my house yesterday afternoon it was 95 degrees plus 54% humidity = 108 degree heat index. And so... I wondered what to do with a bunch of girls at my house. We would all roast if we sat inside. So, we swept off the flat, cement roof of the house and decided it would be the coolest spot (there are step going up there - it is set up to build a second floor). We carried a table up there, graced it with flowers from the yard, spread some sheets for a seating area, and called it good. I decided to serve fruit salad and scones... but NO hot tea! Instead we had blended ice coffee... perfect for the heat.

Seven girls ages 15-18 arrived at my house by 5:30. Sandra, of course, was already here, so that made eight of them. We munched on our snacks, played a game, then delved into a devotion - casting a vision for the girls to be different than the world, to give their lives to God completely and expect Him to transform them into something completely different than their peers. To focus on the things of God, and He would give them a beauty that radiates from within, regardless of whether they fit in with the "in" crowd. We had a good discussion afterward, with the girls sharing things that were particularly difficult for them, then closed in a time of prayer.

I think that everyone enjoyed it, and I pray that the Lord planted seeds in their hearts that will grow and blossom. We need young women to stand up and be a light to this world!

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Carey said...

The world does need women and men who will stand strong in the Word, and I'm glad to know that you are one of those women who provide a light for the Lord to this world. Thanks for keeping us updated! I know those young women were blessed by your hospitality.