Thursday, October 28, 2010

And the work goes on...

Last night was the second Bible study we held in San Jose at the new time: during the Wednesday night service. So far this time has worked out really well. We have more people involved, and even have a number of men, whereas it was only women before. Clifford continues to do an outstanding job of presenting the truths in a clear way, and we have been encouraged by the interaction in the class. One dear older lady has been our most faithful attendee, and she always has something good to share. She is such a joy to have in class, because she delights so much in discovering truths! Please continue to pray for this Bible study, especially for the new ones that are attending, that they would continue to come and would gain understanding as they do.

Monday will be an exciting day - we will have a new coworker! Several weeks before I moved, Clifford had suggested someone as a possibility, but I didn't think it would work as it would be inconvenient for her to travel to the Center every day. God had a plan... he moved me to her village! When I spoke to her and her husband about the possibility, God had been preparing their hearts, because they didn't hesitate in giving a positive answer right away! She speaks K'ekchi, and has actually done a little translating before, so it should work out well. Her and her husband will both go with us to teach Bible studies, and her husband will be able to provide more manpower next time we have an adventure with the pig project! We are excited about being able to begin work with K'ekchi again. I will try to get a picture and introduce you to her later.

Thanks again for your prayers!

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