Monday, June 28, 2010

Pastors on the air!!

Wow, it was a blessing to see three pastors share the word of God in Maya over the radio! Pastors Alberto Teck, Bernaldino Cal and Honoratus Choc all volunteered to help present the Bible Studies that TEAM Toledo had been working on translating. This was done on a local Christian radio station which covers most all of the Toledo District. It was a blessing and encouragement to me to see that there were lots of Mayan people that were listening to the Word and that our Bible study program was a blessing to them.

I (Clifford) was supposed to do the Maya Program last Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, but on Saturday, due to the heavy rainfall caused by tropical storm Alex, we were unable to do it that day. However, it was a blessing to the pastors who volunteered themselves to present the Word of God in a study group format. I received calls while we were there encouraging us that the listeners were happy that our Maya program could be on air! We discussed about the Test of Faith that God did to Abraham, the friend of God.

Please pray that this opportunity we had would be a blessing to the radio station and the radio listeners. Pray for the staff of the radio station and continuous provision for the radio station and the Maya program. This was a special opportunity during a week of fund-raising at the station, but we would like to continue to provide Maya programs based on our Bible studies of the station. Please pray for provision for our needs in order to do that, and the Lord’s leading.

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