Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Countries - Lots of special people :)

As you know, I am currently Stateside. I was thinking this morning of special people from Belize and here. I am blessed with wonderful family and friends!!! God is good to me! I thought I would post a couple pictures, taken with just a few days of each other. They certainly don't have all the special people in them, but a glimpse of a few!!
Some sweet kids... I miss spending every Sunday night with them and their parents! This is at the airport when I was leaving. Randall, the one in the blue shirt loves asking why... and he loves going with me on the weekends, because I teach Bible study in the village were his grandparents live. One Sunday night, as we were leaving San Jose and headed back to town where his parents live, Randall started asking me about the moon. He wanted to know why the sun goes away (he is scared of the dark, and was clinging to my hand as we slid down a muddy trail and across the creek to the pickup). I told him that God does that so we can sleep in the dark and so we can see the beautiful moon. He was still thinking about the moon as we bounced down the road in the pickup, and after a few "why" questions, began wondering how the moon got up in the sky. "Reb, how did God put the moon up there?" I proceeded to him that God told the moon to go there and it obeyed. "But, Reb, how He put it there?" I tried to explain, but I must not have been getting the message through..."Reb, did He have to stand on a chair to get it up there?" Ahh.... kids are so cute! I am blessed to have these two in my life! Keithon doesn't ask questions yet, but he does enjoy swinging in the hammock with his godmother (that's me), and sharing his M&M's with her! :)

Just a few days after my return Stateside we celebrated my youngest sister's birthday. Almost all my siblings were there (just missing one brother), so we had to have a sister picture! We had fun, and no one toppled the tower :) I am blessed with sweet sisters!

Anyway, just a taste of special people in my life from both countries!

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