Saturday, May 1, 2010

Off to the village for Bible study!

It is Saturday already! Time seems to just fly by so quickly! Weather here continues to be very hot (right now at 10:20 in the morning we already have a heat index of 99). We had some heavy rains this week, so that was a great blessing!

We are headed out shortly to have Bible study in Pueblo Viejo, after we take a detour to Punta Gorda to print the lessons. Our printer gave out, so we have to pay for the printing in PG for now. Today we will be studying the promise of a redeemer that was given clear back in Genesis, as well as taking a look at Cain and Abel. Please be in prayer for open hearts and willing minds this afternoon, as well as safety in travels!

Tomorrow afternoon we will have Bible study in San Jose, where we will continue our fascinating discussion of Abraham. We have been having some really good interaction in these studies! Last week we moved the studies out of the church and into homes. This week it will be in the home of a precious lady whose husband is not a believer. We pray for his salvation often! Perhaps the study in his home will somehow touch his heart. Will you join us in prayer for Miquela's husband this weekend?

Well, I better get ready to go... May your weekend be blessed!

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