Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy days update

Greetings once again! The weather has cooled off some, comparatively speaking. It is still hot, but not quite so extreme, and we are grateful! In fact, this morning we are getting some nice rain! Of course, we were hoping for dry weather for the agenda of the day, but who can argue with God's plans?

Time is of the essence these days as we rush to get as much accomplished as we can before I leave for the States on the 24th of May (next week... yikes!!). We have had some good progress with the pig project, including a meeting with the pastors and the agriculture department, interesting contacts to help with the processing plant, and various land possibilities. We also got around to see most everyone's pigs. That was encouraging, some of them are doing really well! I am confident that it will all come together in God's time and way, it is certainly too big for me!

Bible studies continue and I will miss them so much when I am gone! There is a special delight sharing the discoveries of people finding certain things in the Scripture for their first time!

Please pray for Clifford's dad. He had surgery this past Wednesday for a condition that has been troubling him for 13 years now. Please pray for a quick recovery and complete healing.

One of the other pastors, Bro. Benito Canti, needs prayer for his wife. She has been sick for some time, and is struggling to recover from a broken wrist. Please lift her up in your prayers!

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