Wednesday, April 28, 2010

God's Blessings

My last post mentioned me coming home on the bus having left the pickup at the mechanic. I am happy to report that fixing the alternator issue only cost $44.44 (22.22 US)! We were very thankful! There are a few more issues... but we will get to them in time!

Also last week one of my very dear friends and her baby were in a taxi going to see the doctor when another car ran through a stop sign and into the taxi! Although it could have been a very bad situation, God mercifully spared their lives and protected them from injury. The taxi driver had told her she could ride in the front, but she opted for the back seat... the impact caused the baby to fly forward, and she caught him by his feet. If she had been in the front, he might have gone through the windshield. People don't often where seat belts in the small town of Punta Gorda, but the driver had asked her to put on hers. God was so good to look out for them!

Last week was a pastor seminar here at the Center. We are thankful that Ray Neu is giving of his time to teach the pastors month after month!

Bible studies continue to go well. Saturday's class in Pueblo Viejo was titled "Blaming and Cursing." It told of Adam and Eve's failure to take responsibility for their own sin, but blaming it on others. It also spoke of the consequences God gave to the serpent, Adam, and Eve for their actions. This lesson is one of Clifford's favorites, and he did an excellent job teaching. He is such a gifted teacher with a passion for what he is teaching. It is always neat to see the people responding to his enthusiasm.

Sunday's Bible study was great as well. It was temporarily disrupted by a rainforest thunderstorm, but we didn't mind... it has been soooo hot and dry!

We have been having heat indexes of 104 - 118 during the day (both inside and out). Maybe having my handy digital thermometer that reads temp and humidity is not such a good thing... there was a heat index of 100.8 by my bed when I went to sleep last night, and it had cooled way down to an index of 92 when I got up at 5:00 this morning!!!! Wow! Have I ever told you that I wanted to be a missionary in Russia... and that I love cold weather???? Ah, God has a sense of humor, and I am so blessed to be where I am, heat and all.

Remember the pastors' pigs? Well, one of our biggest side projects (Bible studies are still number one) is working toward the development of a meat packing facility to provide a market for their pigs. We have been doing some research and talking to people about it lately, and everything has been positive so far. People are definitely excited about the possibility, as there is virtually no industry down in this part of the country. Local government officials are encouraging us to pursue it. It is becoming increasingly difficult for pastors and anyone else to stay at home and live off their farms as the cost of living skyrockets. If pastors have to go out and work for two weeks at a time, where will the church be? Please pray for this project, that the Lord would guide and direct us, as well as make the necessary provision for this undertaking.

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