Thursday, April 8, 2010

More Adventures with Pigs!!!

Wow, it seems that the adventures never cease in the work God has us doing here! We spent Good Friday transferring some pigs to a couple of pastors.

These were big pigs, so a whole different ballgame than the little ones we have have carried before. The boar weighed 240 lbs, and the sow 285. The adventure began at 6:00 Friday morning. Pastor Victor had 3 men to help him load, and we (well, Clifford did all the hard work) had built wood railing for the sides of the truck to keep the pigs in. The boar gave all kinds of trouble in the process of weighing him, but eventually they got both of them weighed and in the truck... two hours later!

We headed down the road toward San Benito Poite... and discovered the sow was prepared to give us a great deal of trouble! I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say that although there were boards in place to keep them a foot away from the cab, the sow ended up ON TOP of the cab, we stopped multiple times to wet the pigs down (basically every creek we came across), and Sandra and I finally forsook the cab, and rode on the side steps of the truck, keeping the pigs in!

When we went through the village, everyone was out and about for Good Friday services. They had a good laugh at the white lady clinging to the side of the truck, minding pigs with a stick!!!!

The boar stayed in San Benito Poite. After we had a good rest, a generous meal, and some fellowship, we headed out again, thinking the sow would have settled down now that the boar was gone. Not so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our battle only got worse! Every little bit we stopped and tried to keep her in as she jumped and kicked, gradually getting the best of our poor rails.

The ever resourceful Clifford cut a tree, stripped its bark, and tied her feet, hoping this would subdue her. No, even though her hind feet were well secured, she still managed to cause a ruckus... eventually leaping completely out of the truck and running into the bush, in the middle of no where with one man, one woman, and one teenage girl to deal with her. Our knife got lost too...

After we managed to tug her backward out of the bush, we hooked the rope over the hitch and sat down. I am sure we all prayed different prayers that day, but two I remember especially were, "Lord, please help us find the knife," and "Lord, please send some men along... we can't get this pig in ourselves."

To fully appreciate this you have to realize that we were on the road to one of the most remote villages. Hardly any vehicles pass that way. There was tall jungle on the sides of the road. Furthermore, it was a major holiday... Good Friday... thus, even fewer vehicles travelling.

Moments after our prayer, a pickup came along and at least eight men jumped out, tied the pig, all four feet together, and laid her in the back of the truck! We were stunned to tears! Soon we were flying down the road (okay... flying is 35 mph... the road is rough!!!!), well over a mile past where the knife had been lost... when lo and behold, there is the knife, right on the edge of the road!!!!

We have an awesome God! We were all overwhelmed at His goodness to us that day, and the pig did arrive safely to its new home in Pueblo Viejo. God cares. He cares about knives, and He cares about three crazy people on the road with one ornery pig!

Thank you God for sending me to Belize and giving me the opportunity to chase pigs in the bush, to hear howler monkeys, and to know that the work I am doing is for your people... You are indeed great!!!!

The new owner trying to manage the pig...


Rambling Tart said...

Yay! I'm so glad you have a blog! Now I can follow your adventures. :-)

Carey said...

Well, I finally got a chance to check your blog again.

It sounds like you guys are having some great adventures!