Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Recording continues...

Greetings everyone! Your prayers are so appreciated! It seems the enemy has been doing his best to stop the recording with sickness, power outages, lots of rain (tin roof + rain = too much noise to record), struggling readers, etc. But that does not surprise us, because it is God's Word we are recording and the enemy does not like that! We are so blessed by those who have come and read their parts: Emeterio, Juan, Sandra, Profilio, Fermin, Rosaria, Bernaldino, Alberto... Please pray that the Lord would bless them for their service to Him!

This week we are short on monitors, so that keeps Clifford and I tied up with the monitoring. Plus, Clifford has been reading some of his parts (he has the 13 Pauline epistles). We had to find a replacement for the person reading the parts for Jesus (another MAJOR reader part), so that slowed things down a little. However, we are pressing on and thankful for the strength God gives day by day. Please pray for our technicians from Guatemala, one of them was sick yesterday.

We are still working to get ready for workshops each Saturday. Dear Elvina, who speaks Kekchi, not Maya, has not been part of the recording much, but she is faithfully working to prepare her lessons and translate the Bible study.

We would especially request your prayers for the next few days as we are having trouble with the reader schedules...

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