Friday, April 3, 2009

His truth is marching on!

Greetings! It has been a busy week, but the recording of God's word in Mopan Maya continues! The parts for Paul were a major portion of the New Testament, and Clifford finished reading those on Sunday. We are down to a couple small parts and the final longer parts: narration of Luke & Acts, narration of John & Revelation, as well as all of Jesus' words. Please keep Lauren, Mark, and Andres in your prayers as they read these important words of truth.

A team from the States arrived here Wednesday night, so that has presented a challenge with the recording, because of the noise level, but we are all working to make things work for everyone.

Next week we will not be recording, as Carlos and Isidro (the technicians) will head back to Guatemala for the Holy Week. Please pray for their safe travels tomorrow. Those of us on T.E.A.M. are greatly looking forward to a week without recording!!!

We are grateful for the team from Kansas that is here to help with one of the churches. Please pray for their safety as they work.

We greatly appreciate your prayers!

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