Tuesday, March 3, 2009

T.E.A.M. Deployment

For the second time now, all three of us from T.E.A.M. made a trip into a village to help implement the materials we are developing. A village “deployment” usually requires a Saturday – Monday morning commitment, due to transportation issues.
Saturday morning, as soon as our workshops were over, we gathered up our things and prepared to leave. After a mile walk to the junction at noon, we caught the bus going to San Jose. We planned to minister at the church in Na Luum Ca, which is just a couple miles from San Jose. Clifford lives in San Jose, so we went there first to prepare a few things we needed for the weekend.
We had the opportunity to enjoy a special treat with Clifford’s parents, as they had just harvested the last of the green corn (the rest of the corn they will allow to grow until it is mature and dry, so it can be cooked and used for tortillas). Sister Justina ground some of the tender kernels and cooked them, creating a corn porridge, a delightful delicacy. The rest of the corn she ground, rolled into the fresh husks, placed them in a pot, and boiled, making a tender, meatless sort of tamales. I was glad that we had timed our trip just right, I love sa' and tzit!
Later that evening, we walked toward Na Luum Ca, stopping by the pastors’ house, where Elvina and I spent the night. After chatting with the pastor’s family, and discussing plans for the next day, we settled in for a night of rest.
Sunday morning began with a meal and a pleasant walk to the village, where we were able to enjoy the service with the believers there. Immediately following the service, we were given the opportunity to share with the people. I gave a brief introduction to the work of T.E.A.M. and the purpose of the Bible study materials. Elvina shared a testimony, and Clifford taught the first lesson of the Bible study. He did an outstanding job! I was blessed as I sat and listened to him sharing truth with the people in a way I could not, because of my limited fluency in Maya. It is a delight to have the opportunity to see Elvina and Clifford taking the tools we are developing and presenting them to their people so effectively.
The people responded well to the Bible study, and interacted with thoughts of their own; giving us encouragement that it was meeting a need. The pastor spoke at length with me afterward of the limitations of understanding spiritual things in English, expressing his appreciation for the work we are doing.
Na Luum Ca Church of the Nazarene is facing a time of transition as their pastor is being called elsewhere. Please pray for a new pastor, and also pray that they will be able to continue the Bible study and that it would bring forth fruit in their lives.
After eating and visiting with the pastor’s family, Elvina and I walked back to San Jose, chatting with a few people along the way, before making our way back to the home of Clifford’s parents. His dad is the pastor of the church in San Jose, so we participated in the evening service there before getting some rest and catching the bus back home early Monday morning.
Praise God for His protection as we travelled and for His hand upon us as we shared the things He has given to us! We are blessed to be able to give a little of all the blessings He has given to us.

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thanks for the update, sounds like you are busy, and God is too! :)
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