Monday, January 5, 2009

T.E.A.M. swings back into action

Greetings once again!
I arrived back in Toledo Saturday, and we started back to work today. Part of our work was setting up a new printer that we were blessed with and I was able to bring down with me (thank you Hsu family!).

We are receiving quite a few applications for the workshops, with a new person signing up today (the man gave Clifford a ride from the junction, asked a few questions, then stopped in to sign up for the Bible classes). So, even though Clifford and Elvina won't be back here until Wednesday due to transportation issues, we all have our work assignments cut out for us.

This morning I read from the book of Mark about the parable of the sower and the different places the seeds. I thought it was appropriate for the work we are doing, we hope to cultivate good soil for the truth of God's word to grow in. Of course not all of the seed sown will bear abundant fruit, but we hope to save some from the devouring of the enemy, the shallow, rocky soil, and the choking thorns of the world. Would you pray for us as we work this week?

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