Tuesday, December 9, 2008

EXCITING developments!!! Please pray!

We need much prayer! Exciting things are happening! The recording of an audio version of the New Testament in Maya has been somewhere between the front and back burner of my life lately, but it has suddenly rocketed to the forefront.

Last Wednesday Clifford fielded a call from the Guatemalan branch of Faith Comes by Hearing, and Friday, the man was there at the Center in a meeting! Clifford now has the assignment of finding 25 readers (it is a dramatized, word for word recording) and hosting an informational meeting by next weekend! He is a little overwhelmed, but tackling the task with courage and determination, despite his physical limitations. He and I have spent quite a few hours online the last couple of days discussing names and making plans.

It looks like the recording will begin sometime in February and take place for five to six weeks. This is no small project! I just put in an innocuous email to Faith Comes by Hearing this past summer, and didn't really expect it to suddenly come to reality. They will be covering all their costs, paying to stay at the Center, paying transportation costs for the readers, etc. I am astounded.

In some ways, I'm feeling sorry that Clifford has to tackle all the preliminaries on his own, not because he is incapable (far from it...he is an extremely gifted young man), but because I know how much it costs him physically because of his sickness, especially since he doesn't have reliable transportation (the license and insurance on my pickup expired when I left, so it is parked). But I am confident that God knew the timing that this would take place long before I left for my visit to the States. He is faithful Who has called us, so we can trust Him!

Please pray for Clifford as he travels to the different villages finding readers, pray that he would find people willing to participate, and pray for his health as he fulfills the task before Him.

I am excited about the opportunity for people to hear the word of God in their own language very soon! Even though many have English Bibles, the older ones cannot read it, and English is not the first language for any of them. What impact might the Scripture have on their lives when they hear it in their heart language?

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