Saturday, January 10, 2009

Reader meeting

Today was an exciting day for us! Almost everyone who will be reading for the recording of the Maya New Testament was here for a meeting. We had a blessed time, and it was wonderful to see the excitement that people had for the project. Getting feedback from others is important so that we know that it isn't just "our" idea. Seeing the excitement others have is an encouragement to us that we are on the right track. The readers seem excited for several reasons:
1. It will help them learn to read in their own language
2. It will help inspire others to start reading in Maya
3. Hopefully it will get more people involved in reading/hearing God's Word on a regular basis
4. It will help preserve the language (they discovered today in one short practice, at least one
Maya word they do not use much anymore.
I am praying that the Lord will use it to bless those who are doing the reading, especially those that might not normally read the Bible much on their own. Also, the potential for the recording ministering God's truth to many people is exciting!

There was some nervousness about their ability to read well enough for a recording, since many of them have not read their language before, but we have several weeks before the recording begins, so they should have time to practice. Also, those doing the recording have assured us there will be plenty of opportunities to re-record after any mistakes.

We are excited about the group that the Lord has brought together to accomplish this work. The support and help of others is a blessing as we work together to accomplish God's work.

Clifford, Elvina, and I were able to get a lot accomplished this week in preparation for the workshops that will begin next Saturday. We will have classes on Bible study, New Testament History, computer basics, music, and English Grammar. Clifford and Elvina are a little nervous about teaching, but I am confident that the Lord will bless their willingness and give abundant grace.

Please pray for us this next week as we continue preparations. We are in great need of some Kekchi and Maya Bibles, and Elvina really needs a Kekchi dictionary before next Saturday. However, this would require a trip to Guatemala. We are considering going this next week, depending on the finances to purchase the items and the availability of one the pastors to go with us (he speaks Spanish...).

I am so blessed to be able to work with Elvina and Clifford, they are wonderful co-laborers!

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