Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank God for rain stains...

and for giving coworkers the wisdom to recognize them!

I told you last of the satellite dilemma... the installer was headed out of country for two weeks, and we need our dish realigned! Well, Clifford was able to remount it on the wall, but the problem was the alignment. We decided to try doing it ourselves by the slow process of move it a little and check. Well, it does rain a lot here in Belize, and the run off can stain things, things like satellite dishes that are under the edge of a roof. So, Clifford eyeballed the stains, set the dish accordingly, and... at the very time when my parents said they would pray for us to get aligned, the dish dropped on his head (ouch) and we got signal! After just a little bit more adjustment, we were all set! Praise the Lord! He is soooo good (and the lump on Clifford's head got better pretty quickly)!

So... the dish is aligned, we have satellite service, and things are rolling along.

We have spent a couple days looking at property for the pig project. Yesterday we found a beautiful piece, with a not so beautiful price! I guess we'll keep looking and praying for the Lord's direction.

We have been at the mechanic a little, fixing a few small things, but we also discovered that somehow the shocks I brought from the States were the wrong size! Oh well, we will have to see what best to do, since we can't just exchange them for new ones!

The person we had been hoping for as a coworker didn't work out, so please pray for direction there. Right now we are busy getting back into Bible study translation, researching the pig project, and otherwise getting back into the swing of things here. Thanks again for all of your prayers!

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