Thursday, March 4, 2010

T. E. Assisting. M

It seems that T.E.A.M. has specialized in the 'A' part of our acronym lately...

Last Friday, Clifford went to assist a local work and witness team who is working on continuing a building started by a work and witness team from the States. Rev. Andres Coh and a group from his church, as well as a neighboring church, left on Monday to work on building the trusses. I had been asked to go and pick them up Friday evening, but Clifford decided to go Friday morning and spend the day working with them.

The men had worked hard all week, and were putting up the last of the big trusses that day. Clifford was blessed by the spirit of unity and the willingness to work that was displayed by all. Here are a few pictures from that day:

What a blessing to see men of God working for His kingdom!

Yesterday, I had the unexpected opportunity of helping the Sunday school teachers in Big Falls teach a Bible class to preschoolers at the local (catholic) school. Bro. Andres came yesterday morning asking for my help, so I threw some things together and went!

His Sunday school teachers did a wonderful job, and it was a joy to join with them in teaching the precious little children. What a handful those kids are, though! It was a fun change of pace, and I trust the few seeds planted will be cultivated over time.


Carey said...

What a great opportunity for you! Did any of the children speak English?

i02004i80calc said...

No they don't, they speak Monkenese;).... Of course they do speak English...:)