Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feeding on His Word

Dear friends,

Dry season must officially be here... overnight we went from cool, wetter weather, to the terrible heat of dry season (can you tell I don't like hot weather??? :) ). Currently it is 9:30 a.m. and my thermometer says 85 degrees with 69% humidity... inside. Ah well, we shall survive (I think!).

We had a team here for the last two weeks. This always makes life busier, but it is a blessing to see others caring for the people here. Thanks to everyone from Kansas (oops, and the Okies too!) for all that you did for the people of Toledo! We trust God will multiply your efforts as time goes on.

Bible studies continue to go well... I look forward to the day when more people catch the vision of studying God's word, but for now it continues to be a delight to see people feeding on His Word! Once again this weekend we had the privilege of guiding the attendees to dispel some long held fallacies, just by pointing them to the right Scriptures. God's word is truly sharper than a two-edged sword.

In a recent study, the fallacy that was dispelled was that God lies. The misunderstanding over a certain passage had caused some to conclude that God sometimes just says things to frighten people, but He doesn't really mean it. Wow. How strong would your faith be in a "god" who can lie to you?

Please keep praying for these Bible studies, for the attendees, and for us in our preparations each week.

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