Friday, October 2, 2009

Whew... It's been a long time!

It has been a looooong time since an update! Lots has been happening, and we are blessed indeed!

The workshops have been going well, and I continually thank God for Elvina and Clifford's hard work to make it possible every Saturday morning. What a commitment!

The main reason for my blog post, though, is because of my excitement about village Bible studies. GOD IS DOING GREAT THINGS, AND WE BLESS HIS NAME!!!!!

We have started taking our Bible study lessons, and holding weekly Bible studies in the villages of San Jose and Pueblo Viejo. These are both Maya villages, so the classes are taught in Maya, and Clifford is doing an outstanding job doing most of the teaching! It is a joy to see God working through him.

Most of the people attending the classes have never read in their own language before, and some of them cannot read at all. However, in just a few short sessions, most of them are now reading the Scripture in their own language! I cannot adequately express to you the thrill it is to sit and watch people in their 40's and 50's reading God's Word for the first time, and literally seeing their faces come aglow with delight and understanding.

Several of the attendees have commented on how wonderful it is to read and discuss in their own language, it takes away any doubt about the meaning, and makes things very clear. I would suppose they are more excited than we are, but that is hard to imagine!

You might ask why teach them to read in Maya, isn't that going backward? Perhaps for technology it is a step backward, but for the spiritual growth and maturity of precious souls for eternity, it is giant leap forward! You see, Maya is their heart language, the language that they truly understand, and it is terribly difficult for anyone to grasp deep spiritual truths in a language they struggle to communicate in.

A few weeks back, I listened to an elderly man share his testimony in Maya. It was a beautiful testimony, but what made it precious to me was his statement that he believes God, he believes the Word of God... even though he has never read a verse for himself. He cannot read, but he believes based on what he has heard preached. What faith!!! What confidence! I am humbled by his faith, and yet motivated to enable him to study God's word on his own, whether by reading, or by hearing on a recording. And thus... the motivation to travel for Bible studies, even though right now it requires walking 3.5 miles every week to do so. It is worth it!

Remember the audio recording of the Maya New Testament we did early this year? It is finished!!!! The editing is complete, and it is ready to be sent to us! We are soooo excited!!! Pray it gets here quickly!

I better get ready for workshops tomorrow, Elvina and Clifford will be here bright and early... and so will the students.

Rejoicing in His everlasting, never-failing, totally matchless Love,
(For all of us :)

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Carey said...

I'm so excited to hear what God is doing in and through you for others to know more of the one true God. How very exciting to be used of God for such special purposes!