Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Recording of a different sort... tomorrow

Greetings once again! Things have continued to go well with workshops and activities here. We have found a village to begin holding Bible studies in, so we are making plans to get started with that.

English with the pastors has been a little challenged by the amount of homework they have been having with their pastoral classes. We certainly do not want to interfere with that, so we have a couple of ideas brewing in our heads for alternative plans... please pray for this!

Tomorrow we will start on some recordings of audio discussions of our Bible study lessons. There is a local radio station that was established to reach out to the Maya and Kekchi population, but so far they have no programming in Maya and Kekchi. They have asked us to help out. We are doing our first recordings in English, since the three ofus can all do that. The next step will be to find some others to help in the other languages, using the English version as an example.

So pray for us tomorrow, as we get started. Sore throats and colds seem to be knocking on our doors, so pray for health to speak well and get it done!

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