Monday, May 4, 2009

It is done!

Thanks be to God for His great mercy and love which He has poured down upon us! In the last seven weeks, the entire New Testament was read from beginning to end, then replayed from beginning to end. Last Wednesday at noon, we finished up the last of the recording, finishing by recording two chapters over because of the cricket noise! It was quite a challenge to accomplish a professional quality recording in the middle of the jungle! The parrots and other birds gave us trouble by day, and crickets, geckos, and locusts gave trouble by night. Those things, along with numerous power outages, readers with sore throats, language barriers (the technicians spoke Spanish), seminars, and teams made the whole project a challenge. Add to that the fact that most of the readers had not read in their own language before, and you begin to catch a glimpse of the obstacles that the enemy placed in our path, but the Lord was, of course, greater than all of those things!

We are so blessed by each one that gave their best efforts to help make the recording possible, from the readers, to the monitors, to the cooks, to the technicians that came from Guatemala, to the people in Guatemala that worked in the office, to the people we may never meet in the States who typed the text, raised the funds, and took care of many other details!

Elvina, Clifford, and I are now getting things back together and pressing on with workshops, Bible study writing, and translating, all of which we kept up during the recording, but not as effectively as we would have liked. Please pray for us as we continue on and walk the path that God has placed before us!


LJP said...
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LJP said...

Wow, Clifford, Elvina and Rebecca, you all must be extremely grateful that is now a thing of the past! What a blessing your efforts will be to the people there. We will continue to pray that God will use this recording for His praise and glory and honor. Praise the Lord!