Monday, September 10, 2012


After a busy summer of being with my family, lots of free-lance writing to generate some income, and speaking at some churches, the day is approaching for me to return to Belize. I leave Friday. I am currently awash in the sea of emotions that fill my last few days... I am excited to be headed back to Belize, but leaving my wonderful family here in the States never seems to get easier. And so, the tug of war is hard at work inside me, adding to the stress of last minute preparations.

Besides the emotions, I am busy checking things off my list... did I remember what so and so asked me to bring? Did I get this? Yikes. I'll be glad when all of that is over, even if it does herald the time to say goodbye once again...

I have a couple prayer requests I'd like to share with you in this post, if you don't mind:

  • Safety in travels, and grace for all the emotions that will come in the next few days.
  • Rally - on the 29th, TNYE (Toledo Nazarene Youth Empowerment) has planned another youth rally, this time in San Jose. Clifford is in the midst of a bunch of preparation for that event, since it is in his home village, and his youth group is hosting it. Finances for feeding a crowd are needed, as well as wisdom in all the particulars. His theme for the rally is a great one: “Solemn Gathering for God's Vision and Victory for Young People,” highlighting the verses from Joel 1:14 and 2:28. He and the rest of the team are praying for an awakening among the young people, a realization of the need of a true relationship with Jesus Christ, and a turning to the Lord for a change in the nation of Belize. Would you join all of us in prayer for this event?

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