Sunday, April 22, 2012

Some things are just hard

I'll be going to a service this evening, and then a funeral tomorrow for a man who took his own life by hanging last week. I much prefer funerals that celebrate the life of someone who faithfully served the Lord with their life. However, we rarely get to choose the circumstances that are pleasant for us. The man's father is a long-time member of the San Jose church, so we will be going to support him in this difficult time.

The verses I read in Isaiah this morning are timely:
"He will swallow up death forever; and the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces, and the reproach of His people He will take away from all the earth, for the Lord has spoken. It will be said on that day, 'Behold, this is our God; we have waited for Him, that He might save us. This is the Lord; we have waited for Him; let us be glad and rejoice in His salvation.'" Isaiah 25:8,9

While nothing can be done for the soul of the man who took his own life, my prayer is that many will come to know the Lord and learn to wait for Him. One day the sorrow and weeping will be over. Those who hold fast to the Lord in the midst of their trials on this earth will one day be able to repeat those words found in Isaiah. I want to be one of those who wait for the Lord. I want to be able to look into my Savior's face and say, "See, here is my God, my Savior. I waited for Him, and He faithfully kept me."

I know there are those that will be at the service tonight, and at the funeral tomorrow who haven't given their lives to God. They are not waiting on His return. Please pray for them. I don't know who will be giving the message at either service, but please pray for anointing on their words. Pray that God will speak through them to the hearts of those in attendance.

Because the man was a member of the Belize Defense Force (the Belizean military), there will be an official BDF delegation in attendance. Many of these men have heard the truth, but turned their backs on it. Many are hopelessly lost and have given their lives to the bondage of alcohol and sin. Please pray that this tragic loss of life will speak to their hearts.They need to learn the blessing of waiting in the presence of God day by day.

Pray for the family as well, the widow and the children.

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