Saturday, April 30, 2011

We want rain!

Its been a while since we had rain, and its been miserably hot! Sometimes in the afternoon it reaches up to 103 degrees!! Two days ago we had rain, and it was so so good to have rain. The grass is looking green but it needs more! Yesterday evening was cloudy, and we had expected rain on our way to Poite but we didn't care, we want rain! Some of the guys carried extra clothes in case they get wet on the way. We packed up our gears and got in the pickup and we headed our way to Poite! [It never did rain after all :( ]

There was a girl who went with us, she recently got saved at one of the youth service I was at on Good Friday! She has stories to tell, stories that are sad and painful. It hurts me to hear about it, but I know that she found her Savior that would care for her, meet her special needs and get special care and attention! She has a heart to serve God, and is excited despite the hurts and pains she has gone through! She had left home and is currently living with a relative. Her dad is serving years.

Some of the exciting part of going to Poite is seeing wildlife of Belize! That always interests me and I love seeing animals and birds of Belize! On our way yesterday evening, we saw the friendly howler monkeys! They were just a "stone throw" by the roadside, oh that was so exciting. I just wish I had a camera then to take pictures.

When we reach Poite, there were a few guys from Corozal (Northern Part of the Country), helping with plastering the church building! That is a blessing for the Poite brethren.

Last night's Bible study was wonderful! It is such a blessings to see Maggi, our Kekchi teacher, taking seriously the word of God and sharing and teaching it in a way where it is easily understood!

Please continue praying for our ministry, for Delores, the girl who went with us to Poite for Bible Study, for the brothers and sisters in Poite who are faithful in coming to the Bible Study, pray for Rebecca is she fly back to the country on Monday, pray for Maggi who teaches the Bible Study as well.

Serving Him,
Clifford Cal

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