Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ever Thatched a House?

Saturday Clifford and his brother William (William and his wife and two sweet boys are living next to me) were going to help their dad in San Jose thatch a house, so I tagged along. We left Friday evening, arriving in time for Clifford and William to help cut up the meat from the pig that had just been butchered to feed everyone the next day.

The next morning, invited friends and family started arriving to help: the men to thatch, and the women to cook. Thatching, although undoubtedly hard work, is a fun social time as well. With men on both sides of the roof at once, it goes pretty quickly, and a steady stream of banter and laughter fills the air along with the "swishing" of cohune leaves being handed up and positioned, and the stomping down of the leaves into place. Inside, the women gather around a low table deftly forming corn tortillas and placing them on the comal (round iron griddle over an open fire) to bake. Less banter and laughter occur inside, instead more of a subdued discussion of the latest happenings, current illnesses, etc.

Unfortunately, I had to leave to run some errands before all was said and done, but I did snap a few pictures before I left.

Two things I love about a thatch house: it is sooooo much cooler than a house with a metal or cement roof, and rain sounds lovely falling on the thatch! Mmmmmm nice sleeping! :)

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