Monday, January 25, 2010

A new year, but the same, incredible God!

I am thankful for new years. They are like a new journal... fresh blank pages, waiting to be filled with the work of God through our lives. 2010 is no exception. Here it, is, already the 25th page of this new year. That means that we only have 340 pages left to fill... I am motivated to fill them wisely!

I don't know about you, but I am feeling prodded to accomplishing great things for God this year. Why? Because it seems that the world is especially dark these days, and it would be the perfect time for light... God's light, to shine brighter. Oh, I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities to have my light dimmed, for me to become weary in well-doing, but I am confident that God's grace is bigger, greater, and stronger than all of that, in spite of my weak flesh.

So, what is happening this year? Well, the major focus of T.E.A.M. ministries this year will be expand the Bible study ministry. If you read my recent newsletter, then you already know of the recent baptism class I taught, and how the baptized youth leader realized he did not have a relationship with God... There are many like him who need to know the truth. So, under the direction of local pastors, we will seek to start several more Bible studies and attempt to spread God's truth to others.

There are some other projects in the works, but that is the big focus. Over the weekend we fired up our two existing studies, and it was wonderful to get back into the Word with them again. Two girls have memorized 8 verses of a chapter in Maya... we are excited for them! The older ones are struggling a little more with the memorization, but still loving the studies.

This week we are back at the task of revising and translating Bible studies, so please pray for wisdom! Also, we are still looking for a new co-worker. And until we find one, the Kekchi work stands still. So please pray that God would direct us to the person He has prepared for the work!

Blessings on your week!

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